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  • “While it’s not possible to mention everyone who made a contribution to this book, there are some who must be singled out… Without the expert work of photo archival researcher, Gina McNeely, most of the visuals in this book would have been much the poorer.”

    Robert O. Harder, author
    The Three Musketeers of the Army Air Forces
  • “…Of the 275 images I wanted to show in the book, Gina quickly and expertly identified those in the public domain, then set to work on the 150 that would require sourcing, permissions and in most cases, purchase of rights. Not only did Gina then do what was required, but she kept me aware of progress, problems and alternatives. Without her expertise, I would have wasted considerable time and money. I am grateful for all Gina has done to assist my book project and to help me maintain sanity in the process.”

    Pierre Sundborg, author
    Tragic Truth
  • “As photo editor of British Heritage magazine, Gina has done exceptional work. She not only knows how to source almost any image quickly and efficiently, but Gina has a rare ability to understand what is being illustrated and how to evoke its subject. Working on hard deadlines as we do, I appreciate Gina’s responsiveness and conscientiousness, and her enthusiasm for working on a team.”

    Dana Huntley, Editor
    British Heritage Magazine